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"Balloon solution for extended life"


First real transparent balloon treatment
that prolongs balloon life!


SuperFly is a balloon treatment solution of a polymer material that can be dissolved in water. It forms a coating inside latex balloons that greatly reduces helium or air loss.


Hand-made Brush balloons available now!

Main advantages of SuperFly

Record breaking flying time

We tested SuperFly with the competition in different conditions versus popular balloon treatment producing companies. Our balloon polymer – SuperFly is better in flying time.

Non-toxic and safe for Environment

Our product is made from non-toxic materials and are absolutely safe for environment. Could be easily rinsed with water.

Doesn’t leave marks

Because of new formula that we managed to create by more than 10 years of research, SuperFly balloon treatment is transparent and clear even after time, especially comparing with competitors. Doesn’t leave any marks on balloons and other objects.

Easy to use

Why SuperFly is handy to use? Because its consistency is very soft and your hands not gonna hurt even using it for long hours. Despite its usefulness, it keeps all the best characteristics of other companies’ balloon treatment and even surpasses them in most categories.

We deliver to Europe using DPD courier service

Processing of order normally takes up to 24h.
Delivery to Baltic countries – 2 working days
Delivery to other Europe country 3-6 working days

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